What is
being Lean

It's the idea that the faster you get experience - real experience - from something, the faster you learn and improve.

Applied to marketing, being lean is the idea that it takes a few basics to get started and the faster you set them up, the better your business.

A project cannot scale if you don't have the Minimal Viable Approach (MVA).

What Lean does for you

It sets you on the right track identifying "the must" vs. "nice to have" and help you elaborate tangible actions.

The aim of our approach is to deliver concrete advice and actionable plans, as well as to fix milestones for your success.

  • Define
  • Launch
  • Measure
  • Learn
  • Iterate

How to get started

We have designed ready packaged workshops to meet your needs that you can find below:

  1. Foundation workshop
  2. Framing strategy
  3. Online presence ignition 

But you can also ask us for customized proposals should you have any specific need.


Step 1

Foundation workshop

Consists of identifying the needed steps required to our lean approach. We evaluate your positioning, your targeting and your messaging as well as all of your brand assets.

-> After the workshop you get a clear understanding of your business opportunity, potential and context.

Step 2

framing the strategy

Consists of formulating the mission, vision and brand messaging.

-> After the workshop, you receive a Brand Blueprint describing the key elements of your strategy.

Step 3

Online presence ignition

Consists of elaborating a rudimentary website or landing page required to present your product/service/company.

-> At the end of the day you have your website / page is ready for publication (based on

Step 1 Workshop  3'600,- CHF

Duration 8h
includes 1/2 day of preparation.

Step 2 Workshop 4'800,- CHF

Duration 8h 
includes preparation and 1 day for documentation.

Step 3 Workshop  6'000,- CHF

Duration 8h 
includes 1.5 days of preparation and research 
(Does not include image purchase).

Our services

Mentoring & coaching

  • We help you take the right actions or pose the right questions.
  • We do knowledge transfer in order to make you autonomous as fast as possible.
  • We can also review a presentation, brochure or any other support you would like our advice on.
  • We can also organize workshops based on your specific needs. 

We will charge you based on time spent (150.-/ per hour per consultant).

Go faster

Getting things right in the first place

If your idea is great you need to present it correctly. If your business is promising you need to brand it and promote it correctly too, because time is money and you probably have little of both.

Learn quickly

Making sure what you do increases your potential

Your branding or reputation can be at risk with poorly executed ideas. You need a sound and experienced marketing voice to ensure effective targeting & communication.

Earn interest

Go to market fast.
Improve & sell more

Showing your customers you understand their needs, is a key to scale your business. The faster you get this understanding, and improve accordingly, the bigger the opportunity.

Here are a few projects we worked on

The following sites or presentations are the result of our workshops.


Lean Marketing Switzerland is an initiative co-created by Erinrose Sullivan & Sandrine Szabo, two marketing experts who both offer to share their expertise, creativity & advices with you.

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Erinrose Sullivan

Erinrose is a senior marketer with over 15 years of marketing, strategy and insights experience in media, technology and telecom. Her expertise has been gained by driving global business growth through consumer insight, strategy and innovation. She co-founded the digital marketing and strategy consultancy, BrightLab.



Sandrine Szabo

Sandrine is a do-er, Marketing Expert, Blogger, and Idea Stormer and a teacher.
She helps businesses & brands communicate their ideas and improve their customer experience. She founded &

Twitter: @sandrineszabo