Buy & Try: how to seed $1M in one month

The idea of its founder was simple. If we want to sale mattress, we should let people try it first.

The business model consists of purchasing a fair price mattress (around 500$). It was engineered in a single configuration. So what makes it unique is not its features, but the was it is offered for trial.

Once you purchase your mattress you have a 100 days to change you mind. And if you don't like it they come to pick it up and you get full refund. As the delivery is for free and the trial 100 days, all the barriers for purchasing a mattress online drop.

And once people have it at home, since it is good, they keep it.

If people love your products but are reluctant to purchase, this might be a good business model for you.

And if you want to try, another company - Smood - just launched a special offer in switzerland. I bet you will like it!


The smood mattress:   check their amazing offer