How to react to game changers

Your market can be affected by a changer, may it be regulation change or competition.

You can either take this as a difficulty or see it as an opportunity.
Let's take the example of Uber. They are clearly disrupting the market to a point where installed taxi associations try to stop them by protesting and legal attacks. This won't work.

The article today about the cabbies demonstration in the UK is the proof. Even legal authorities (the police) feels this is a waste.

Candle makers might have found it difficult when electricity came out. Yet we still have candles selling.

In such a situation, you have to find a way to innovate.

In the case of Uber, where the service brings innovation is in the accessibility and transparency (of the fee, of the rating - both sided - on the availability). Why would cabbies not innovate as well?

In my experience, the Uber fares are expensive when demand is high. So this is an opportunity for cabbies to offer a constant price and improve what is missing in their service.  The demand for drivers will increase as moving in cities is becoming more and more complex and parking way too expensive.

So stop winning and trying to block the inevitable and work towards improving your service.