Being Lean | It's basic isn’t it?

Marketing is a very misunderstood function. And the reason why organizations and namely young ones, get confused with it, is that it sounds TOO simple. And when we talk about Lean Marketing, people expect it to be like a magical wand: even faster and simpler.

I recently had a comment on the fact that it was « just common sense » and too simplistic.

So if it is so simple, and so common sense, why aren’t all the startups rocketing high? Why are they still great products / services in great companies, failing to reach their market?

If it is so simple, why aren’t the basics implemented?

Well because when it looks so simple, people actually dismiss it.

And I found a number of very educated people, especially engineers saying they were actually working on the important things (understand features and finance) and thought those branding - values, vision… - and positioning things - customer comprehension, USPs - had already been done and needed no further consideration (or maybe later, when we have time).

The thing about marketing is that everyone can have an opinion about it, because it is simple to understand. But if you start digging into it, I mean really, you will find it as a source of perpetual innovation and the ground for success.

A lean statup is about moving fast, staying focused, prioritzing, and tackling your projects with foresight. All of this should be part of your marketing as well. So you build, you measure, you learn and you repeat.

You think you know all about your customer and that your vision is clear?

Please, dig deeper.


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