Being Lean | Customer Discovery

Much of what you do in a startup is making guesses. You make the hypothesis that the problem you want to solve will relieve the pain of many consumers. You assume that they will be ready to pay for that relief. You imagine that plenty of people are suffering from the same pain.

In best case scenario you are proven right.
In most case scenario your guesses are either wrong or incomplete.

Getting lean is therefore to go from guesses to facts as fast as possible.

Customer Discovery

What counts is that your first step allow you to gather as many info as possible on what you think it your customer problem.  Go to your target customers (a few you identified) and ask the following questions:

  • Do you meet this [what you plan to solve] problem?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • Is it the biggest problem you have in that field?
  • What is your priority today?
  • If you were offered to have that problem solve, how much would you pay for it?
  • Would you have internal resistance to solve this pain (job loss, efficiency loss…)
  • How do you cope with it today (current alternatives)?

At that stage, the purpose is not to validate your business idea.  It is to gather info that will allow you to see with their vision.

And please log all that precious information, if possible register it so you can hear it again and again with their words. Because that discovery can be very fruitful in validating your business offer. If you can have someone external to ask the questions, so that you don't "manipulate" the answers as you would like them to be, this is better. 

If your startup is already launched but you encounter some problem with your concept, try to run that discovery. It is never too late to be innovative!

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