Birth of the project

Instant Collusion.

When Erinrose & I met, it felt like we had worked together for years. We share the same values & ideas. Both of us worked in large companies and are passionate about startups & technology. As digital and traditional marketing experts, we can't help but notice how marketing tends to be underestimated and even forgotten in startups.

We have been practising marketing for enough years to know that marketing is a lot simpler than it seems.  It is no rocket science. It's common sense. It takes little effort to come up with a consistent strategy, provided you take the necessary steps.

Being Lean.

Startups have plenty of business plans and business models all meant to define the next 3-5 years. But the reality is, most of them don't exactly know what their customers want. Lean Marketing is about finding out what matters to those customers. It is also about creating a brand that attracts attention and a communication strategy that targets customers in the most efficent and lean way.

The Lean Marketing Days.

The idea popped up immediately.  We had to meet startups in order to explain the concept and rapidly audit what was missing and should be done to generate rapid and tangible improvement.


EPFL has grown a significant startup campus. When we came to them explaining what we wanted to do, they liked the concept and offered to organize our first event in Lausanne.

We created this site in a couple of days. We also want to keep it simple and lean. So if you like this project and wish to support this effort and partner with us, feel free to contact us. We are open to all requests and happy to move all around switzerland to help startups.